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Bramhope Health & Safety offers consulting, software and training services as well as more than 50 000 PPE and safety-related products, road safety products, corporate clothing and general hygiene products through retail, e-commerce, wholesale, key accounts and partnerships.

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Bramhope assists retail stores across Africa to operate more effectively and deliver on their brand promise. We have a service offering which covers the entire business cycle, from marketing to distribution, importing to selling and procurement to packing and includes:

  • Appointment of a dedicated retail key account specialist and sales / merchandising team.
  • Analysis of product range, pricing, merchandising and packaging and initiate appropriate action steps.
  • Stock management - ensure that the shelves are always stocked, neat and organised.
  • Management of all labelling and bar-coding of items.
  • Training on all related products.
  • Set up of internal retail supply chain and logistics team to monitor product flow.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to speed up the process of receiving and confirming orders and eliminated data capturing errors.

With the above services, our retail clients achieve substantial results in its financial and overall business performance, including delivery frequencies, product range and order size.

Retail Services
Consulting Services


Procurement of PPE is an intricate process and, if managed inadequately, could lead to massive losses. Policy development, PPE profiling per area/job/hazard, compliance to health & safety acts, quality assurance and optimised e-procurement (on-line catalogue) result in optimised control and less wastage within the organisation.

Bramhope Health & Safety offers invaluable consulting expertise to our clients with the objective to minimise health and safety risk exposure while also reducing total cost of ownership.

Consulting services include:

  • PPE Policy Development & Integration
  • PPE Profiling
  • PPE Sourcing & Procurement
  • Systems Integration


PPE Management System

The Bramhope PPE Management System measures, assesses, evaluates and manages Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), using a cloud-based platform that leads to consequent lengthening of PPE item lifespans, optimised usage, safer workplaces while at the same time, delivering a significant reduction in total cost of ownership.

The system encompasses the full cycle of PPE management:

  • Development and implementation of PPE policy.
  • Development and implementation of PPE profiling.
  • Sourcing on a global scale.
  • Procurement according to ISO 9001 standards.
  • Management of PPE on a multi-country, multi-location, multi-warehouse level.
  • Control of all aspects of PPE including issuing, usage, application, calibration, training, product vs job specification, etc.
  • Real-time and extensive reporting per item, per user, per location, per job.
  • Continuous improvement through accurate data generated by the system and implementation of quality management guidelines.

All of the above elements are managed through an effortless, effective and affordable cloud-based system and could easily be integrated into existing systems, such as SAP, ISO and other risk management systems.

Incident Management System
SHEQ Incident Management System

Bramhope's SHEQ Incident Management System makes it easy to manage your Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality information and eliminate ineffective and restrictive paper-based systems.

  • FREE trial
  • NO implementation costs
  • NO infrastructure requirements
  • EASY monthly payments
  • TRUE mobility

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Incident Management System
Training Services


Bramhope Health & Safety provides innovative, effective and affordable training solutions to help organisations of all industries and sizes meet their unique training objectives.
We offer training solutions tailored according to each client's unique training needs to assist with the development of crucial competencies while increasing productivity and profitability and, most importantly, save lives.

Our comprehensive, flexible training solutions include:

  • General Health & Safety
  • Emergency Training
  • PPE Training
  • SHEQ Management
  • Legal Compliance
  • Environmental Management
  • SHE Representative Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • PPE Profiling